Pro Automotive Trader Recommends Auto Shop Writer

From the old millennium to the new millennium- from DOS to Windows 8 Auto Shop Writer continues to remain on the shop_1997_tnleading edge of shop management system (SMS) technology.

Starting with Auto Shop Writer in 1988 we have seen the product transition over and over as technology advances.  Who would have thought way back then, Auto Shop Writer would now give us the ability to have our technicians link into the program and input data using windows tablets?

Wow, talk about trick! Transitioning from the older versions to the newer versions has been absolutely seamless- a piece of cake! And, all our data, customer histories, everything, is right there to use with the newer version; only, now so much more useful and user friendly than before.

As our market evolves, and with each new update, MasterLink continues to enhance Auto Shop Writer’s flexibility by incorporating tons of great ideas from its users – users who are involved with ASA, and many shop management consulting companies.  Currently, with Auto Shop Writer’s integration points we have the ability to benefit from our data using many additional resources. This has expanded the benefit of Auto Shop Writer’s rich database tremendously.

Thank you, Auto Shop Writer for your tireless efforts in staying out front!

Terry Flaterz

Pro Automotive Trader
Miami, FL

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